Q: How do I make a pawn?

A: Come in with your item or items and you and the pawnbroker will discuss how much money you need to borrow and how much we are able to give you.

Q: Does a pawn go against my credit score?

A: No. Pawning is a great way to borrow money without a credit check.

Q: Do you take all electronics?

A: In short, no. Electronics change and update so frequently that we are not able to take older electronics or certain name brands. Please contact us with other electronic questions.

Q: How long can I keep something in pawn?

A: You have 90 days to either make an interest payment or pick up your item. BUT, every 30 days the interest will accumulate on your loan.

Q: What does “renewing” a pawn mean?

A: Renewing a pawn means you paid interest on your loan and extended your time. If you paid one months worth of interest, you’ve extended your loan 30 days. You can also make multiple month payments. For example, you can pay two and three months at one time.

Q: How many times can I renew?

A: As many times as you need. As long as you pay on your item it will stay in pawn.

Q: What if I lose my pawn ticket? Can I still pick my pawn up?

A: Yes, but you will need your state I.D. if you lose your ticket, call us and we can mark your loan “owner only” which prevents other people from picking up your pawn without your permission. Remember, anyone can pick up your item if they have your pawn ticket. It can be a convenience if you NEED someone else to pick up your item. For example, you pawned a ring and now you want your spouse to pick it up. All you need to do is give your pawn ticket to your spouse and they can come pick it up. If you don’t want anyone else picking up your pawn call us or tell us when making the pawn.

Q: Can I buy jewelry there?

A: Yes! We have the most beautiful and unique jewelry pieces in a pawnshop. Plus, we have great deals.

Q: Do you have Lay-a-way?

A: Yes, but only on jewelry as we are limited on space. Lay-a-ways are 90 days and must be picked up on or before December 1st.

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